About Us


We bring on experience over a decade in custom cabinetry and home renovating solutions. We try to make our clients lives as easy as possible and take out the stress from any project they hand them to us. With all the assembly products from Europe and one year warranty we make sure that your project has long life and you have no stress at all.

We have a simple 6 step project process


You have an idea or pictures and you want it built it. Send it to us via Email, text or dm. And we do our homework before we see each other


You come to us or we come to you, with samples and vison we put things together for you even before you decide to start


We collect all the details including measurements and get the project going


With everything done in house we get your project on the floor as soon as you say yes to the Quote.


With the help of our expert installers we install full project and get it finished


with finished project you enjoy high end and quality work done by Experts at TimbeRich